With this Nerd Nab parcel being delayed, I was wondering what might be in this month’s Nerd Nab box. What could have caused the delay? All your questions shall be answered in this review of Nerd Nab’s latest offering.

Suicide Squad nerdnab

Let us start off with the cause for delays – the culprit was the comic included in this box; Suicide Squad Rebirth #1. Only half of the stock was delivered with the other half being lost in transit. So there was a literal 50/50 chance of receiving this issue and fortunately, I was in the 50% of lucky subscribers. Those who missed out on this issue were given another cool comic and an equal opportunity to get 1 of 6 remaining Suicide Squad issues. So it is good to know that they have given us something to tie in with the theatrical release of the Suicide Squad.

Another great item received in this box is a 1GB Always On Wifi Voucher. I have been to plenty of malls where the Always On Wifi is available. However, I never use it as I am uncertain as to the costs involved. Now with a Gigabyte of free data, I will definitely put their Wifi service to good use!


And we have another Zombling. Look Zomblings are quite cool but because they were in the last box this Zombling kind of feels like a throwback move. I have noticed that these cute collectibles have not been moving at a few toyshops in my area. I gave this to my son once again and he loves them but the only problem is that the Zomblings don’t do much, especially if you are not into the actual game. In this pack, we received a Zombling spider that does not look decayed whatsoever. So, basically we just got a spider – not the greatest design I must admit.

Rabbids Collectibles were also included in this month’s shipment. I got quite a cool Rabbid in my blind bag from the Invade the World series. I managed to get a Transparent Rabbid with an Igloo so it must represent the North Pole or something. The figure looks great and the big igloo is definitely an added bonus. My only gripe here is the relevance of the Rabbids, I know they had their own TV show but when were they last seen in a store – maybe 2010? So even though I got a cool figure the Rabbids franchise feels like a thing of the past.


My favourite item in this box has to be the Mafia 3 Dog Tag. It is no ordinary dog tag as it doubles up as an 8GB memory stick as well! This item was in the collector’s edition of the game, and it is clear to see why. It offers top quality and truly is a great concept that is pulled off perfectly!


If I were to summarise the theme of this box into one word, that word would be “Pokemon”. This theme really shines through in this month’s instalment of Nerd Nab. You are given a Pokemon sticker sheet (which my kids fought over… Mortal Kombat style), then you also get a magnet that could be stuck on your car. So it looks like a bumper sticker, however, it can be removed with ease. Then lastly you have you first double-sided print T-shirt in Nerd Nab history. It is a mash-up between Lord of the Rings and Pokemon. The Pokeball on the front is written in Elvish with the text on the back blending the two tag lines of the shows in a rather interesting rendition.


As per usual, this month saw a Nabber Ninja and a Motherload winner. Nabber Ninjas received a few extra items which included: Pokemon Go Team Magnets, a #Escape Voucher and a Zomblin Tower Pack. The Motherload winner received: a #Escape Voucher, Xbox has given the Motherload winner a jacket and two games. Deus Ex Mankind Divided with an awesome Bobblehead of Adam Jensen to boot. The other game is Destiny but to make things insane; that winner will also receive a replica of the Gjallerhorn! Lastly, the also received one of each type of Zombling pack available on the market.

This Nerd Nab box was not as memorable as other boxes of the past, unfortunately. The true saving grace here had to be that flash disk. The boxes of the past offered a bit more. Other than my Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 and the Mafia 3 Dog Tag, the other items left much to be desired. Let’s see what the next box will have to offer!

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