Watch Neill Blomkamp's Second Oats Studio Short Film Firebase

South African director Neill Blomkamp is back at doing what he does best: being weird and creating awesome alien sci-fi stories. His latest 26-minute short film, Firebase, is a strange sci-fi war film.

Following the release of the Sigourney Weaver-led Rakka, which was watched 2.5 million times on Youtube, Blomkamp has now unveiled the second independently made sci-fi short film, Firebase, from his Oats Studios initiative. Set during the Vietnam war, it follows American soldier, Hines, through a horrifying web of sci-fi madness where beings reanimate and the ‘River God’ starts tampers with the fabric of space-time.

Blomkamp has confirmed that Volume 1 of the series will have three shorts running about twenty minutes each, but he is hoping that fans will be willing to pay for the next volume:

“The goal is to see ‘if’ the audience likes them and ‘if’ they would be willing to pay for volume 2,” the director said. “They are too short to charge now.”

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