Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios Releases God: Serengeti Starring Sharlto Copley

Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios has released a 4-minute-long bite-sized comedy short, titled God: Serengeti, starring Sharlto Copley as a god.

Blomkamp has made good on his promise to deliver a new original short film ever week. This week’s short, God: Serengeti, stars frequent collaborator Sharlto Copley, who appeared in other Blomkamp films, like District 9 and Elysium. In the clip, we see a god-like character, complete with a long beard, glasses and a British accent, watching over primitive humans, not unlike a Sims game. Copley’s god sits in a chair, reading while Jeffrey, his butler, tends to the humans.

The video has caused quite a stir already, with mixed reactions from more religious viewers. Still, nobody can deny that it’s a highly imaginative idea.

God: Serengeti follows the release of Rakka and Firebase.

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