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I realize this post is a touch on the late side but truth be told, after a tidal wave of events, launches, meetups and tournaments in the gaming community, we’ve finally had a much needed rest and time to put some hours into Diablo 3, Max Payne 3, TC:GRAW and whatever else has been sitting on your shelf, gathering dust and in need of som chievo hunting. Until this coming Friday of course where most of you guys should already have registered for 2upGamers’ 6th Gen event but more on that later.

mweb cape town diablo launch

So a little while back I had the pleasure of covering the Kalahari Midnight Launch of Diablo3 at Gandalfs in Cape Town (mouth full – of free pizza and booze for most). Yes it was awesome but sadly not everyone was fortunate enough to walk away with swag or get a chance to play the game that night, had they not pre-ordered.

In steps the gaming launch party powerhouses known as Mweb and GaMerzone *awesome rock ballad and kick ass explosions*.

Yeah for a while now Desmond Kurz and his team at GaMezone have been doing some insane stuff for gaming in South Africa and their launch parties for Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and now Diablo 3 in their mouthwatering M-Cave have become something of legends.

Every gamer, journo and their flesh-eating naked friend are clawing to get their hands on a pass to one these events and damn right they should be. For their latest launch, guests were treated to all the usual bells and whistles as can be expected: pizza, delicious snacks, softdrinks (no liquor you alkies!), a ton of awesome giveaways, sexy cosplayers in the form of the infamous Genevieve Kombokitten (and friends) as well as a myriad of insane prizes and one stacked swag bag supplied by the many great sponsors.

mweb cape town diablo 3 launch event

Sponsoring and present at the event were new energy drink, Ozone, which many of you would have heard of by now its delicious, and kicks like a mule on steroids!

Musica’s Ian Vermeulen also announced that for a limited time (till June 30th) the Musica Canal Walk branch and Mweb would offer new sign-ups to an Mweb 1mb or 4mb uncapped account Diablo 3 for R199.95.

Alienware were also present and had their recently launched X51 gamer PC’s setup with D3 ready to play (servers allowing). And these things are true sexy beasts… we drooled, we begged, we meditated on Oceans 11 but unfortunately walked out with none.

As always Samsung were thanked in absentia for their amazing TV screens and then Barend Geldenhuys of Corex spoke about the killer peripheral tech of TTesports and Thermaltake. These things are all badass, were setup for use and best of all, were given away for free to a few lucky souls.

mweb cape town diablo3 launch faheem

All-in-all the night was pretty amazing. We descended into hell for Diablo 3 a second time for a second launch and we few, we lucky few, we band of sleep-deprived brothers rose again, this time without a hangover and tons of goodies to show for it – you should see my pimping tshirt and check the swag contents in the gallery!

But enough about that, its only a few days to go before Friday and to put it simply… Honestly if you haven’t been to a 2upGamers event, now is the time to register and get your butt in gear! Check out the event details on their website right here. Its going to be another blast and I’ll see you all there!


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