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FPS fans rejoice, yesterday Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was officially launched worldwide. To celebrate the launch, last night, MWEB Gamezone held an event at the Mweb building in Cape Town giving gamers an opportunity to test drive Black Ops 2’s multiplayer at blisteringly fast speeds.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esmond Kurz, head of online gaming at MWEB, welcomed players to the event and affirmed MWEB’s commitment to online gaming in the country. He announced the launch of a Tournament website for South Africa that will form a home for the top competitive online games like League of Legends, DoTA2 and, of course, Black Ops 2. The site is still currently in Beta and will be undergoing testing in the next few weeks.

Mweb Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Launch
[pullquote_left]There were 17 consoles and computers set up along the walls of the MCave with connectivity at 100/mbs.[/pullquote_left]

After the speech we were allowed to get onto Black Ops 2. There were 17 consoles and computers set up along the walls of the MCave with connectivity at 100/mbs. Spending a bit of time with multiplayer left me wanting more, but if you haven’t enjoyed any of the previous Call of Duty’s than there will be nothing to convince you to change your opinion here.

From my time with the game it appears that Black Ops 2 has gotten multiplayer very right. Expanding and, slightly, improving on what was present in the first game. The maps I played were well laid out and, with practically instant respawns, you are back into the action before you can blink.

The biggest change with multiplayer has been the rejigging of the class system. It now allows you to customise your character through 10 slots rather than having to conform to the one primary weapon, one secondary weapon and 3 perks of Black Ops 1. There wasn’t time to explore the system in depth, but it was nice to lose a second weapon that I never bothered using.

Call of Duty Black Ops Launch event
It was great to see an old favourite return in Nuke Town, which has been re-skinned but retains its layout from the previous game. The action on the map is still absolutely ballistic with players and grenades flying everywhere and it was a favourite for some of the 1-on-1 games at the event. Zombie mode also returns and has expanded with a campaign along the classic 4 player versus mode.

[pullquote_left]MWEB is the exclusive host for Black Ops 2 PC servers in South Africa.[/pullquote_left]

In partnership with, MWEB will be using its Cape Town data centres for hosting. Non-MWEB customers will also benefit from the local hosting as they will not have to connect to international servers. Kurz comments, “We know how important it is for gamers to have a good latency for titles like this and, as always, we are pleased to champion their cause.”

With Black Ops and Halo 4, which launched last week, multiplayer fans have plenty to keep them busy over the next few months.



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