Walk the Moon – Walk the Moon

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1. "Quesadilla" 3:15
2. "Lisa Baby" 3:53
3. "Next In Line" 4:00
4. "Anna Sun" 5:21
5. "Tightrope" 3:31
6. "Jenny" 4:05
7. "Shiver Shiver" 3:53
8. "Lions" 0:35
9. "Iscariot" 5:24
10. "Fixin'" 4:22
11. "I Can Lift A Car" 4:49

Verdict: 2 / 5

Walk the Moon release their self-titled second album.

walk-the-moon review

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he band’s first album was an independent release titled ‘I want I want’. After gathering some attention with the single ‘Anna Sun’ the band signed with RCA Records and ‘Walk the Moon’ is the first fruit of this new chapter in the short-lived history of the band. The new album may excite fans and indie devotees but general music lovers will find nothing of substance on the record. ‘Walk the Line’ does not sound any different from a multitude of drab indie albums produced today. In terms of indie conventions, you will find most songs on the album have a cheap, danceable drum beat, pointless chord changes, and quasi introspective lyrics that pretend to be about nothing-lyrics pretending to be about nothing but that are supposed to have meaning but in reality are pure fluff.

Walk_the_Moon_album review

I will admit ‘Lisa Baby’ is somewhat pleasant and has a really good bassline. When hearing a song like this you begin to suspect these bands are better than they let on but because they kowtow to indie regulations they sell themselves short. Other songs that might raise your feeble hopes are ‘Anna Sun’ and ‘Shiver Shiver’. Besides that the songs serve no point other than to pander to ‘hipstersdom’, as they are void of decent melodies, chord changes, riffs and lyrics. ‘Next in Line’, ‘Tightrope’ and ‘Fixin’ are songs that come and go without edifying the listener one bit and revel in the shortcomings just noted. ‘Walk the Moon’ might play on the famous Police classic, ‘Walking on the Moon’, but how dare they use such a classic and align their drivel next to it.


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