Taxi Violence – Tenfold Review

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1. Pay Dirt
2. Hit Me Up
3. F**k Off and Fry
4. Lead Us to the Slaughter
5. Black Soul
6. Bad Man At the Door
7. Beaten By the Gun
8. Lazy Day
9. What Goes Up Must Come Down
10. The Walk
11. Into the Desert
12. Stuck in a Rut

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Gosh, have Taxi Violence really been around for ten years already? With the title of their latest album Tenfold alluding to that fact, they have released a tight, strong rock album with all the professional tuning and quality that you would expect from an experienced band of this caliber.

Tenfold feels like a collection of individual tracks that highlight different strengths of the band, rather than a single concept designed to explore one avenue. I think it works well here, as a concept album or a themed album only works to its full advantage when the concept is groundbreaking, and to achieve that is harder than you might imagine. Rather, Tenfold gives us a mix of styles, from hard rock, approaching metal, to slower, blues rock; from American South style rock, to frantic speed rock. There’s a variety of melodic styles and tempos, and it gives the album the feeling of being a journey, and gives distinction between each track.

Their mixing is also good, and what I always like a lot about Taxi Violence is their clean, audible lyrics. Lyrics are often the least focused on part of rock and metal, whereas they should be highlighted to a greater extent, if it is at all possible.

If I had to give a criticism to this album, I would say that I don’t feel like one of the songs is particularly a stand out. All of the tracks are good, but none are any that I would place on my playlist forever. However, if you’re looking for a decent rock selection, you could do far worse than this, as Taxi Violence demonstrate that they have a firm understanding of what is needed for a good rock track, and they don’t compromise or mix it up with unnecessary deviations. They’re a great band to see live, and I know that many of these tracks would be even better with the energy of a crowd and live performance, so if you see they’re around, make sure you check them out.


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