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01 – Soldier Of Love
02 – Skin
03 – Kiss Of Life
04 – Love Is Found
05 – In Another Time
06 – Jezebel
07 – All About Our Love
08 – Paradise Nothing Can Come Between Us
09 – Morning Bird
10 – The Moon and The Sky
11 – No Ordinary Love
12 – By Your Side
13 – Cherish The Day

Verdict: 4 / 5

At 53 years old Sade Adu is still remarkably hot. Even after many years in the industry, it would seem that the British-Nigerian singer hasn’t aged one bit since her 1984 debut. After a ten-year hiatus, Sade returned to the US for a 54 date tour in support of her latest platinum selling album, Soldier of Love. Bring Me Home Live is a collection of some of the best moments of the tour, with songs that cover the full scope of her career. From the opening moments of the DVD, you cannot help but be gripped with anticipation and it certainly meets expectations.

Reviewed by Gerald and Belinda Peterson

sade bring me home live

The thing about live recordings is that often the sound is not quite right, the artist’s not quite hitting the notes or always singing along. Then there’s all of that editing involved in the post-production stage, to cut out mistakes and things that didn’t quite work. In the case of Bring Me Home Live, there was clearly a lot of thought that went into the whole production to avoid the aforementioned pitfalls.

Director Sophie Muller, who incidentally produced most of Sade’s videos over the past 20 years, has done a brilliant job in creating a visually stimulating and entertaining showpiece, using a lot of lighting and imagery to draw you into the stage. Bring Me Home feels more like a special intimate affair as opposed to a big concert – which it was. The visual production compliments almost every song, driving home the mood and message of the songs… you’ll be forgiven for thinking she was singing to you alone.

Bring me Home has a dramatic beginning that sets the stage for a brilliant show. The entire production uses minimal choreography executed with precision supported by striking background visuals and effects. It also showcases the amazing talent of the individual band members and the superb background vocals. With the nature of many of Sade’s songs, one would expect a laid back, somewhat boring concert but this was far from it. Every move however subtle it is fits perfectly into each song.

sade bring me home live review

‘Smooth Operator’ begins with captivating visuals telling a story set in a city, which brilliantly leads into Sade’s wardrobe change. It really creates a feeling that you’re in a cinema as the whole story unfolds. Simple yet creative stage settings create the right atmosphere for each song. The simplistic use of stage and visuals on ‘Jezebel’ was incredible.

What makes the show spectacular is that every song tells a story and takes you on a journey. The background vocalists Leroy Osbourne and Tony Mourelle, along with the band do well on ‘Nothing can come between us’ and gets the crowd on their feet. Another well choreographed interlude as Sade makes a second wardrobe change.

sade bring me home live music review

Sade sounds as fantastic, evergreenly and soulful as ever and there is not a single note out-of-place. From Your Love is King to Kiss of Life, from King of Sorrow to The Sweetest Taboo; all the classics are performed and like the audience in attendance, you will succumb to her soulful hypnotism and sing along at the top of your lungs.

Both the DVD & CD are excellent in quality and has all of Sade’s timeless classics to get your body moving to the beat. Bring me home is a ‘must have’ in any Sade fan’s DVD / CD collection.

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