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01. Viva La Vida (Africa Mix) [feat. Coldplay]
02. I Miss You (Africa Mix) [feat. Beyonce]
03. She Said (Africa Mix) [feat. Plan B.]
04. I Need a Dollar (Africa Mix) [feat. Aloe Blacc]
05. Not Afraid (Africa Mix) [feat. Eminem ft TS1]
06. Timshel (Africa Mix) [feat. Mumford & Sons]
07. Is This Love? (Africa Mix) [feat. Rokia Traore]
08. Under the Bridge (Africa Mix) [feat. Red Hot Chili Peppers]
09. Mykonos (Africa Mix) [feat. Fleet Foxes]
10. Losing My Religion (Africa Mix) [feat. R.E.M. ft Ali Farka Toure Band]
11. I Am Because (Africa Mix) [feat. Shanade]
12. Grenade (Africa Mix) [feat. Bruno Mars]
13. John and Yoko (Africa Mix) [feat. Rokia Traore]

Verdict: 1 / 5

Rhythm Del Mundo is a compilation album created by Artist Project Earth to increase awareness about climate change. Their latest Del Mundo compilation is ‘Africa’ and it fuses mega hits from the likes of Coldplay, R.E.M., Beyonce and Mumford and Sons with African indigenous music, Mali being the number one musical muse. While the compilers’ motives seem notable the music leaves much to be desired, the mash up of African and Western never coalesces into anything worthwhile. Listen to any song on the album and it sounds like your listening to two separate songs, like when the t.v. and radio is on at the same volume. This meeting of cultures might read well on paper but it there is no coming together for the greater good when listening to this compilation.


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