McCree – Of Hopes and Dreams

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1.And I Wish
3.When I Was 17
4.Me In The Middle
5.Newquay Run
6.Was It Me (Radio Edit)
8.My First Love
9.Let Me Be
10.Pardon Me
11.Run To The Edge
12.Hold On
13.Let It Out (Radio Edit)

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

‘Of Hopes and Dreams’ is the debut release from Cape Town outfit, McCree.

McCree of hopes and dreams music review

‘And I Wish’ is a promising start to the album, the chorus is fairly catchy and the synth arpeggio is well placed in the song. ‘High’ is another pleasant tune similar to ‘And I Wish’, both blending hard rock and moody pop rock. ‘When I was 17’ is another up tempo track produced by Springbok Nude Girls legend, Theo Crous. It too features a big anthemic chorus; a distinctive pattern seems to be emerging here. ‘Me in the Middle’ solidifies the formula employed by the band. The first two songs can be forgiven but once you reach ‘Me in the Middle’ the cliché choruses, middle of the road guitar chords and stale lyrics leave your ears jaded and uninterested.

McCree of hopes and dreams review

‘Of Hopes and Dreams’ is not a strong debut, mainly due to an over supply of generic mid and up tempo rock ballads and anthems that clutter and suffocate the album. The songs are far too formulaic and may get the band airplay but offer nothing of lasting quality. While it pains me to paint another bad picture of local artists, without critical and sincere analysis we will be forever doomed to low quality produce that poorly ape international sounds.

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