MacStanley – Lucid Alive & Dreaming

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1. Encore
2. Evalene
3. Angel
4. Hold On
5. Seven Lonely Days
6. Seven Seas
7. Star
8. Never Let You Go
9. Forgiveness
10. More Than Ready
11. Already Gone
12. Feels Like Home

Verdict: 2 / 5

Of the few local bands swimming in the general public’s consciousness, MacStanley can be proud that they have entered the public domain, not a common occurrence these days. But on ‘Lucid Alive & Dreaming’ the band let the baton fall and wasted the little bit of clout they wield in local music. The album cements the band’s status as soppy ballad churners. The up tempo tracks can only act as filler between the cracks of an utterly boring album. Most songs sound the same; each ballad seems similar to the other, even when compared to the band’s previous work. Tracks like ‘Encore’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Evalene’ come and go, contaminated with generic verses and predictable choruses.

macstanley album review

‘Star’ is somewhat palatable. The moody quality of the song feels genuine and the song has catchy guitar licks and piano fills. A case can be made for ‘Never Let You Go’ as well despite it suffering from boring, impotent wispy vocal melodies. While not a terrible release, the album will not win the band wider appeal or merit them greater artistic integrity. Hopefully, in future the guys will work with a stronger songwriter that can inject some creative flair and intrigue into their sound.


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