Jackie Evancho’s Music of the Movies DVD

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Pure Imagination // Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Can You Feel The Love Tonight // The Lion King
Some Enchanted Evening // South Pacific
My Heart Will Go On // Titanic
The Summer Knows // Summer of 42
I See The Light // Tangled
(Se) Cinema Paradiso // Cinema Paradiso
The Music Of The Night // The Phantom of the Opera
When I Fall In Love // Sleepless in Seattle
Come What May // Moulin Rouge
Reflection // Mulan

Verdict: 3 / 5

Cross over artist and America’s Got Talent runner up takes you to the movies with some of her favourite songs from cinema in Jackie Evancho’s Music of the Movies. This songbird is one of pop’s brightest stars, with one foot in the mainstream and the other firmly in the classical realm. After appearing on the famed American talent show she went on to become the best selling debut artist of 2010 with her EP ‘O Holy Night’.

Jackie Evancho

While Jackie is a major talent we still have to evaluate all the aspects of this TV special and in terms of stage and set design, things look gorgeous. The Orpheum in Los Angeles is draped and lit perfectly, providing a charming backdrop for magical songs such as, ‘Pure Imagination’ from the original, ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ and Louis Armstrong’s poignant and eternal classic, ‘What a Wonderful World.’ Jackie sings a varied bunch of film scores from the ever popular ‘Lion King’ smash ‘Can you feel the love Tonight’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’s’ ‘The Music of the Night’ to more recent material in the way of ‘I See The Light’ from ‘Tangled’. In terms of performance it is still jarring and somewhat unsettling to hear such a fully formed, adult voice emanate from such a small frame.

Despite her well aged voice Jackie is still incapable of embodying the complex emotional underpinnings of the songs she performs. A ballad like ‘My Heart Will Go On’ while overplayed still needs a singer who can belt those mighty notes but also infuse them with experience and true maturity. The stage banter between songs is another let down, Jackie sounds too rehearsed and mechanical. It may have been wiser for the producers to hire a host that interviewed the young maiden. In spite of these weaknesses in the show, Jackie’s special abilities shine through and while translating a pop song into a classical style can sound silly and cheesy, Jackie is sweet and talented enough for this release to entertain most casual music lovers.

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