Generationals – Actor Caster

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1. Ten-Twenty-Ten
2. I Promise
3. Yours Forever
4. You Say It Too
5. Goose & Gander
6. Dirty Mister Dirty
7. Black and White
8. Tell Me Now
9. Greenleaf
10. Please Be It

Verdict: 3 / 5

The Generationals might be one of those bands you never knew you knew. If you have ever seen and heard the ad for Mweb then you know this band as their song, ‘Ten Twenty Ten’ is the musical accompaniment. Actor Caster is the band’s second album and while it was released last year it still merits a late review.

The Generationals album review

‘Ten Twenty Ten’ is not the sole good song on the album; there are quite a few good tracks on Actor Caster. The single ‘Yours Forever’ is one such tune, sparkly, sparse and dreamy are the feelings that the song invokes. ‘Goose & Gander’ is even better and has a catchy melody and simple but lovely piano/guitar licks and passages. The album’s ten songs flow easily, wafting by like little nursery rhymes. Even though the four bonus tracks do weight the record down; due to the sameness of the songs, these are catchy in themselves as well especially ‘Trust’.

The vocals do become drab and lifeless after a while but the melodies are catchy enough to compensate and mask any shortcomings. Actor Caster is a weird but enjoyable record. Weird because it is so idiosyncratic and sounds so minimalistic, but this is also it’s strong point. The dreamy, wispy but gritty quality of the record has a charm to it that few indie bands can conjure. This record is worth a listen and if you liked ‘Ten Twenty Ten’ then you’ll enjoy this album.


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