Editors – The Weight Of Your Love Review

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CD 1:
1. The Weight (4:33)
2. Sugar (4:16)
3. A Ton Of Love (3:58)
4. What Is This Thing Called Love (4:12)
5. Honesty (4:49)
6. Nothing (5:15)
7. Formaldehyde (3:50)
8. Hyena (3:39)
9. Two Hearted Spider (4:31)
10. The Phone Book (4:31)
11. Bird Of Prey (4:46)

CD 2:
1. The Sting (4:07)
2. Get Low (3:30)
3. Comrade Spill My Blood (4:00)
4. Hyena (Acoustic Version) (3:43)
5. Nothing (Acoustic Version) (5:32)

Verdict: 2 / 5

One of the most interesting concepts in modern pop music is how the genre “Indie Rock” has come about; the sound is definitively its own style; and yet, very few of these bands are “independent” in the original sense of the word. As for this album, the Editors’ 4th such one since forming in 2002, it is most certainly identifiable in that grouping. This is perhaps the greatest weakness of the album, as it doesn’t really have anywhere to go after realizing that.


I honestly don’t think that the Editors have made any conscious attempt to plagiarize styles; but the sad fact of the matter is that every track on the album makes you think: “Oh that sounds like 80’s U2;” or “Oh he sounds like Eddie Vedder on this track;” even up til and including thoughts like “Oh, I suppose this must be the Coldplay track now.” I understand their attempts to explore similar avenues, and those bands certainly don’t have a monopoly on those sounds, but it leaves this band seeming like the second best in all ways. What bursts of originality there might be are then drowned out in dark and gloomy lyrically styling’s that sound more like a Grade 11 emo child’s first attempt at poetry.


Maybe I’m not enough of a fan, maybe I don’t know enough of the bands history to understand them. They sound talented, they really do, and you may still enjoy this album. But speaking as an average spectator; it seems to me that whatever they have done, other people have done very much better already.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQQ2gTkV-GM’]


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