Daughtry – Break the Spell

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Producer: Howard Benson
Genre: Pop Rock
Release: November 2011

Daughtry Break The Spell

Hearing the first track, ‘Renegade’ my initial reaction was, ‘is this a new concept album by Nickelback?’ Jokes and comparisons aside, Daughtry’s third album sounds like their first, with just the distortion turned up a notch to show some variation and highlight the band’s hard rock roots. The tracks plod along offering nothing that has any lyrical or musical merit. Instead we’re served a bland dish of contrived and hookless ballads and pop rock tracks. The songs sound as if they were produced for the mass market, rendering them soulless and lacking artistic integrity.

What! I hear loyal fans shout. ‘I love Daughtry’ you say, well sorry to disappoint. Even though the songs are sung with plenty of emotion and conviction they have no variation, subtly or depth to truly inspire or satisfy. The post grunge angle on tracks like ‘Renegade’ is tired and wrung dry by Staind and Nickelback. It’s hard to pick a worst song on ‘Break the Spell’ as all of them sound the same. ‘Lullaby’ has a tender country pop moment, where you think ‘there’s something here’ but by this point it’s too late and you’re left more annoyed that this more textured and ‘interesting’ writing style was not adopted sooner. ‘Crawling Back to You’ ‘Outta My Head’ offer straightforward melodies and one-dimensional lyrics. ‘Start of Something Good’, ‘Break the Spell’ are your average maudlin love songs that are the glue that hold the whole house of cards together. They are basic power ballads and should be sufficient for whipping out your cellphone or lighter.

Track List:

1. “Renegade” 3:36
2. “Crawling Back to You” 3:45
3. “Outta My Head” 3:31
4. “Start of Something Good” 4:24
5. “Crazy” 3:24
6. “Break the Spell” 3:32
7. “We’re Not Gonna Fall” 3:19
8. “Gone Too Soon” 3:36
9. “Losing My Mind” 3:49
10. “Rescue Me” 3:23
11. “Louder Than Ever” 3:37
12. “Spaceship”

Each track is either a slow power ballad or mid tempo, hard pop rocker. This would be fine if more imagination was used to construct these songs but alas the band opts to go commercial or what they think will sound commercial and fail to deliver a work that stands up to scrutiny. If you love Nickelback or Daughtry’s other efforts then get this but if you’re just a music listener looking for quality and something with depth and intrigue, stay away.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fju1RKiiDbE’]

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