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Out of a burden to encourage and challenge others, while also confessing his own struggles in this area, Lecrae offers REHAB. On his long-awaited fourth album, Lecrae informs listeners that because of our sinful nature we all need rehabilitation, healing, and restoration back to the original state of unity with God. The universal solution to all our problems is not found in anything but Jesus.

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RELEASED: September 28, 2010
GENRE: Christian Hip Hop


1. “Check In” 2:40
2. “Killa” 3:28
3. “Divine Intervention” (featuring J.R.) 3:51
4. “Just like You” (featuring J. Paul) 5:16
5. “Gotta Know” (featuring Benjah) 4:12
6. “Used to Do It Too” (featuring KB) 3:56
7. “Children of the Light” (featuring Sonny Sandoval and Dillavou) 3:33
8. “High” (featuring Sho Baraka and Suzy Rock) 3:45
9. “New Shalom” (featuring PRo) 4:22
10. “40 Deep” (featuring Trip Lee and Tedashii) 4:18
11. “Walking on Water” 3:41
12. “God is Enough” (featuring Flame and Jai) 3:55
13. “Boasting” (featuring Anthony Evans) 3:46
14. “Background” (featuring C-Lite) 4:39
15. “New Reality” (featuring Chinua Hawk) 4:08
16. “Release Date” (featuring Chris Lee) 3:34
17. “I Love You” (featuring Chris Lee) bonus track)

lecrae rehab review

Lecrae describes the Christian life as an entrance into rehab. Fittingly, the REHAB experience begins with “Check In,” as Lecrae prepares himself and his audience to leave behind their addictions and hindrances and enter rehabilitation. What follows is not the usual compilation of sermons and theology-driven lyrics listeners have come to expect from Lecrae. Instead, REHAB is full of gritty, heartfelt, vulnerable and even emotional songs like “Just Like You,” which specifically explores the impact of substitutionary role models that pale in comparison to the perfect example found in Christ.

Lecrae gets support from Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Pro, J.R., Benjah and many others along the journey towards restoration—with several memorable collaborations. PK, CheeseBeats, J.R., and Benjah contribute on production and sonically, help take the listener along a soul-full ride. REHAB also features bangers like “Use To Do It Too” and “High” along with the anthems “Children of the Light,” “40 Deep,” and “Walking On Water” — on which Lecrae boasts in God’s ability to empower the weakest of men.

Lecrae’s prayer is that people will not just gain practical insight for their lives, but they would find real sympathy from him and mostly, Jesus. So find rest for your weary soul and joy in the midst of life’s ups and downs by checking into REHAB.

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