Chevelle – Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favourites

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1. Jars 3:22
2. Same Old Trip 3:11
3. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) 3:44
4. The Red 3:59
5. I Get It 3:57
6. Face To The Floor 3:40
7. Saferwaters 4:12
8. Send The Pain Below 4:12
9. Sleep Apnea 3:51
10.The Clincher 3:44
11.Open / Point #1 6:23
12.Envy 4:21
13.Hats Off To The Bull 3:56
14.The Meddler 4:12
15.Closure 4:12
16.Fizgig 4:54

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Between Linkin Park, Incubus and all the other nu metal and post grunge alternative bands, Chevelle carved out a spot for themselves in the hard rock world. To commemorate their success the band released this greatest hits collection. It consists of all their hits but sadly for fans it features only one new track, ‘Fizgig’. For those unfamiliar with the group this compilation should serve as a welcome introduction to the Illinois quartet. The first thing that strikes the seasoned ear is Tool’s strong influence on the band’s sound and style. Chevelle’s riffs, guitar tones and Pete Leoffler’s voice mimic the great art metal band quite closely. Chevelle incorporates mellower guitar and vocal passages like in the poignant, ‘Send the Pain Below’.

Chevelle album review

Hits like ‘Red’ and ‘Face to the Floor’ are standard hard rock affairs and while the band has garnered a sizable audience they are not the most stimulating musical outfit. ‘Jars’, ‘Sleep Apnea’ and ‘The Clincher’ get the blood flowing with big moody riffs but Pete is not the most inventive melody maker, delivering dry and hookless vocal runs. The music also dissipates after a few songs as arrangements and passages sound too repetitive. Die hard fans will enjoy reliving their favourite songs and lovers of straight modern rock might appreciate this but Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favourites is an average collection of songs from a band that does justice to current trends.

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