The Black Box Revelation – My Perception

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1. Madhouse
2. My Perception
3. Rattle My Heart
4. Bitter
5. Skin
6. White Unicorns
7. Shadowman
8. New Sun
9. Sealed With Thorns
10. 2 Young Boys
11. Lonely Hearts

Verdict: 2 / 5

You might never have heard of Black Box Revelation but you might know ‘My Perception’s’ producer, Alain Johannes. Johannes is guitarist and producer for the super group, Them Crooked Vultures. With a producer and musician of such high calibre what delights can ‘My Perception’ offer? With Johannes at the helm one thing is certain, the record sounds great. His distinctive thick and fat drum sound is all over the album. The guitars are well placed in the mix as well; overall the band picked a perfect producer to capture their sound.

black box revelation my perception

While the technical aspects of the record are dandy the songs are another issue. ‘My Perception’ as a whole, sounds way too much like a rip off of famous blues rock acts like the Stones, Stooges, Black Keys etc…These Belgian lads have tried too hard to sound like their famous influences, to the point that their own work comes across as a poor imitation. ‘High on a Wire’ like many songs on the album has a catchy riff and drum stomp but it still sounds like an inferior replica of a greater band’s lesser material. The title song, ‘My Perception’ borrows heavily from early Oasis with distorted open chords and sneering Liam like vocals.

Once ‘Rattle my Heart’ comes along, one is so fed up with lead vocalist, Jan Paternoster’s ridiculous American drawl which is so exaggerated that you begin to wonder if he is serious or merely playing a bad joke on listeners that you can’t take the band seriously. ‘My Perception’ has decent songs on it but they all sound like stale rip offs, maybe incorporating different elements into their music will break their bland blues rock style and offer valid tributes to their heroes.

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