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The French duo of Jean-Benoit Dunkel and Nicolas Godin reach for the moon on their seventh album, Le Voyage Dans La Lune (translated: A Trip to the Moon).

Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune cover

RELEASE: February 2012
GENRE: Electronic, Ambient
LABEL: Virgin


1. “Astronomic Club” – 3:12
2. “Seven Stars” – 4:22
3. “Retour sur terre” (“Back on Earth”) – 0:45
4. “Parade” – 2:31
5. “Moon Fever” – 3:50
6. “Sonic Armada” – 5:06
7. “Who Am I Now?” – 3:03
8. “Décollage” (“Takeoff”) – 1:39
9. “Cosmic Trip” – 4:10
10. “Homme lune” (“Moon Man”) – 0:27
11. “Lava” – 3:03

Having always been intrigued by this electronic duo but having never managed to listen to a full length album of theirs, I jumped at the chance to listen and savor this latest offering. The album is a soundtrack to the newly restored 1902 classic, A Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliés. The film was screened across various film festivals in Europe earlier this year.


Astronomic Club opens up the album and the thick and warm tone of the tympanis is characteristic of the entire album. The guitar is used more like a synth and as in most tracks used in a minimalist way, yet providing just the right tone and texture for the track. As you listen it becomes clear that each song seems meticulously planned and worked out.

Seven Stars seems to fall into this observation, as each instrument comes in moves out at set intervals. The tribal tom drum pattern, though odd, sits comfortable next to the calm piano piece. Parade features lovely acoustic drums and the song has a cool trip hop and electro acid-jazz feel. Moon Fever veers into complete ambient mode with its minimal percussion and repeating piano motif, coupled with criss crossing synths on top. More dense percussion is found in Sonic Armada, which is interspersed with funky 70s style keyboard and synth licks, showcasing the albums psychedelic side.

The album draws you in slowly with its quirky arrangements and lovely tone. No song is ground-breaking, or utterly captivating, but remains rather charming and pleasant. So, while it is not a great album within the ambient or electronic genre, Le Voyage Dans La Lune is still a worthy release that merits any music lover’s attention.

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