Kill Pixelated Undead In The Mummy Demastered

With the latest instalment of The Mummy franchise currently in theatres, developer WayForward has announced The Mummy Demastered, a game based in the same cinematic universe as the upcoming film.

Kill Pixelated Undead In The Mummy Demastered

The Mummy Demastered sees players taking on the role of an elite Prodigium agent as they set out to take down Princess Ahmanet’s pixelated army of the undead and, as anyone would expect from a great retro game, try to save the world.

Players will battle the forces of evil through various environments including, military compounds, the sand drenched streets of London and what self-respecting retro game won’t have a dark forest level?

Alongside The Mummy Demastered there are also two other games based in the universe planned. One is a VR experience called The Mummy Prodigium Strike and the other, which I am personally excited to get my hands on, is called The Mummy Dark Universe Stories, which is being developed by the same team behind the absolutely amazing Oxenfree.

It seems The Mummy fever has taken over the gaming industry as well.

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