Passengers – Movie Review

The bulk of the film’s plot focuses on the two main characters dealing with the fact that they are both trapped alone together with no real way out. This situation
By Daniel Rom on 21 Dec 2016

Touched with Fire – Movie Review

Bipolar director Paulo Dalio aims to break the disorder-stigma as a poetic gift through the imaginary cosmos of a fractured mind that longs to paint with words in a manic
By Christine Tesco on 05 Dec 2016

Bridget Jones’s Baby – Movie Review

Sadly, the much-awaited third film in the franchise and a sequel to 2004 film The Edge of Reason, Bridget Jones’s Baby, sees Bridget losing her wobbly bits and her sense
By Chelsey Walsh on 13 Sep 2016

Brooklyn – Movie Review

Saiorse Ronan is an absolute delight in the carefully crafted coming-of-age story Brooklyn, a charming and robust romantic drama set in the 1950s. Based on the novel of the same
By Jarrod Saunders on 12 Apr 2016

Serena Review

A movie starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is a recipe for success right? Especially when the director Susanne Bier is an academy award winner (2010, In a Better World)…
By Meagan Taylor on 08 Dec 2015

Ayanda Review

While trawling through Ster-Kinekor’s website I was pleasantly surprised at finding that not one, but four, local films were showing  – albeit not all at one venue. Having made a
By Claudia Hauter on 12 Oct 2015

Focus Review

Con-artist; short for Confidence Artist. There is no better actor for cool, collected, charming and confident than The Fresh Prince himself. Grifting is the art of the con-artist. This time
By Guest on 09 Mar 2015

A Winter’s Tale Review

What is perceived as and somewhat promised to be, the newest edition to your personal collection of timeless period romance films, even perhaps a future cult classic, is a most
By Sarah Xena Lee on 17 Aug 2014

Pompeii Review

If you took the films Gladiator and Titanic, made them infinitely worse, and burned everyone to death at the end, you might have something that would look close to Pompeii.
By Daniel Rom on 31 Jul 2014

Pad Na Jou Hart Review

Pad Na Jou Hart is a sweet film with the ability to make you rethink your current journey, how you view life and who you share it with. The arrogant
By Marceline Lee on 14 Jul 2014

Grudge Match Review

Grudge Match is a film that has perhaps one of the most exceptional casts seen in many years, but which manages to squander this potential behind poorly executed ambition and
By Daniel Rom on 25 Jun 2014

Romeo & Juliet (2013) Review

The latest adaption of one of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies is exactly that – a tragedy. Understandably, Zeffirelli like many others is free to practise creative freedom, but with a
By Marceline Lee on 03 Jun 2014

Great Expectations Review

Just by reading the title, and by the reputation of the novel, Great Expectations is a story that naturally generates a high expectation for any adaptation. As to whether or
By Sarah Xena Lee on 07 Jan 2014