Risen – Movie Review

It’s a pity that Risen couldn’t deliver on its potential, but it is still leagues ahead of the typical mass-market faith-based films. Biblical/Christian films are largely hit or miss in
By Daniel Rom on 27 Sep 2016

The 33 – Movie Review

The 33 is a film that is hard to dislike, although it is very easy not to regard it very seriously either. When it comes to making a film based
By Daniel Rom on 09 Jun 2016

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus Review

While many, if not most scholars deny the biblical exodus occurred. The historical documentary, ‘Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus’, directed by Tim Mahoney claims that the biblical exodus is a
By Neilan Adams on 21 Oct 2015

Mr. Turner Review

I’ll admit it right now – period pieces are my Kryptonite. I love historical settings, the dialogue, the famous characters, the insights into common humanity across generations. The rampant success
By Daniel Rom on 23 Jun 2015

Selma Review

Selma is the story of Martin Luther King Jr and his fight for equal voting rights for African Americans. The film takes place in 1965 in Selma Alabama, just after
By Guest on 19 Feb 2015

As Above, So Below Review

Two weeks ago I decided to swear off found-footage movies for at least a year. I’d told my editor about my decision and he just laughed; I’ve had to review
By Graham van der Made on 16 Sep 2014