The Revenant Review

“When you see the film, you will see the scale of it. And you will say, ‘Wow’.”  – Director Alejandro González Iñárritu to critics of his latest feat, The Revenant.
By Sindi-Leigh McBride on 18 Jan 2016

Child 44 Review

Tom Hardy is one of those actors that always seems to be able to elevate a movie. Whatever other problems it may have, he remains a memorable part of it
By Daniel Rom on 20 Nov 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is the fourth instalment in the ‘Mad Max’ franchise. After thirty years, original creator George Miller returns to the directorial chair. It stars Tom Hardy as
By Neilan Adams on 19 May 2015

Locke Review

Locke is about as pure a character performance as you can get – a one man act, in an enclosed space, for 90 minutes. The greatest extent to which Locke
By Daniel Rom on 22 Dec 2014

The Drop Review

The Drop gives crime dramas a whole new spin by incorporating author Dennis Lehane’s book, Animal Rescue, into the film. His books have been adapted into many films, including Shutter
By Meagan Taylor on 16 Nov 2014


Adapted from theatrical novel: The Wettest County in the World During the prohibition, three brothers find a way of making easy money by producing and selling moonshine. The Bondurant brothers
By Guest on 24 Jan 2013

Warrior Review – A Movie Worth Fighting For

At first glance, Warrior seems to be just another sports movie, chock-full of clichés with a typical story and predictable results. Not surprising, Warrior does have a lot of the
By Guest on 26 Feb 2012