Triple 9 – Movie Review

Triple 9 is not a nice movie. By saying this, I mean that the world it shows us an extremely dark, gritty one where everyone is corrupt and evil and
By Daniel Rom on 27 Sep 2016

Lights Out – Movie Review

The true test of any horror film is whether or not it’s actually scary. Inspired by the Swedish horror short that became an internet sensation, Lights Out is an atmospheric
By Jarrod Saunders on 27 Jul 2016

Love and Honor Review

Let’s face it, we all love a good wartime love story. Mix in a little bit of freedom fighting, political tension, some good-looking soldiers, jealous lovers, heartbreak, revenge, throw in
By Sarah Xena Lee on 23 Oct 2013

Warm Bodies Review

Warm Bodies is a fun, quirky and light romantic zombie film. It’s far more understated than previous entries in the rom-zom-com genre such as Shaun of the Dead, and instead
By Kyle St John Peters on 01 Sep 2013