Drone DVD Review – Heavy-Handed

Drone is a film that sadly tries to manipulate the emotions of its audience more than it wants to show them a story and let them draw their own conclusions.
By Daniel Rom on 22 Apr 2018

Jupiter Ascending Review

Let’s get something straight from the start: Jupiter Ascending is not a good movie. However, it is probably still worth a single watch. In many ways, all that the Wachowskis
By Daniel Rom on 16 Jul 2015

Jupiter Ascending Review

Mila Kunis again rises as an unlikely young heroine, against one of the coolest evil families cinema has seen for a while. Jupiter Jones, a lowly domestic cleaner by day
By Guest on 09 Feb 2015

Silent Hill: Revelation Review

Okay guys, new rule. Anyone who thinks that “Revelation” is still a suitable subtitle for any piece of media nowadays should be taken up against a wall and shot. Although,
By Daniel Rom on 08 Oct 2013

Age of Heroes

Saving Private Ryan set the precedent for opening war films with a stirring score and big action set-pieces, but Ages of Heroes cannot justifiably call itself a war film. It
By Claudia Hauter on 10 Jul 2012