Grudge Match Review

Grudge Match is a film that has perhaps one of the most exceptional casts seen in many years, but which manages to squander this potential behind poorly executed ambition and
By Daniel Rom on 25 Jun 2014

The Family: Review

The Manzoni (now Blake) family is most likely the worst family in the history of the witness protection programme. In-between beating people up, burying bodies in their back yard and
By Sarah Xena Lee on 16 Apr 2014

The Big Wedding Review

The Big Wedding is exactly what it claims, a massive ensemble cast with the acting talent of some of the biggest names in film and television. However, the thin and
By Sarah Xena Lee on 19 Nov 2013

Killing Season Review

The sight of seasoned legends Robert De Niro, 69, and John Travolta, 59, sharing the screen for the first time is probably Killing Season’s only selling point. The sadistically violent
By Jarrod Saunders on 02 Nov 2013


I hate this movie. This is the type of straight-to-DVD trash that incinerators and DVD-shredders are made for. What’s that? There are no such things as DVD-shredders? That’s it, I’m
By Kyle St John Peters on 17 May 2013

Being Flynn

If Being Flynn should be known for anything it should be that it managed to bring out one of the best performances by Robert De Niro in recent years. Known
By Jarrod Saunders on 05 Nov 2012

New Year’s Eve

Like Valentine’s Day, Marshall’s previous film, New Year’s Eve depicts a series of linked (mostly romantic) events based around around the holiday, featuring a large ensemble cast of well-known celebs.
By Jarrod Saunders on 03 Jun 2012