Cars 3 Review – Fun But Not Memorable

Lightning McQueen is having trouble remaining the defending champion in a racing industry where technology is catching up to the “old guard”. Will the Rust-eze crew be able to keep
By Zach Groenewald on 13 Jun 2017

No Escape – Movie Review

A xenophobic thriller with a misplaced Owen Wilson as a leading hero sounds like an awful idea. However, No Escape manages to keep emotions low and thrills very high in
By Jarrod Saunders on 15 Apr 2016

Are You Here Review

Are You Here is actually quite a sterling example of how to fail when everything seems set up to create success. The director is known for his work on Mad
By Daniel Rom on 23 Jun 2015

Free Birds Review

What happens when Turkeys travel back in time, Terminator style, in order to prevent the day they fear most… Thanksgiving. Reggie is a different breed of turkey. He is a
By Byron Hendricks on 16 Feb 2014

Midnight in Paris Review

Woody Allen seemed to have had quite a few missteps recently. Thankfully the magic of Paris and the mystique of an era gone –by have returned the director his groove.
By Jarrod Saunders on 25 Apr 2012