Child 44 Review

Tom Hardy is one of those actors that always seems to be able to elevate a movie. Whatever other problems it may have, he remains a memorable part of it
By Daniel Rom on 20 Nov 2015

The Drop Review

The Drop gives crime dramas a whole new spin by incorporating author Dennis Lehane’s book, Animal Rescue, into the film. His books have been adapted into many films, including Shutter
By Meagan Taylor on 16 Nov 2014

Dead Man Down Review

Colin Farrell is not as bad an actor as people say he is. I have tried to defend him to other people before, pointing to roles such as In Bruges,
By Daniel Rom on 26 Oct 2013

Prometheus 3D

Way back in 1979, a man named Ridley Scott directed a movie called Alien. It became a huge hit with science fiction fans, redefined the space thriller and engraved H.R.
By Guest on 05 Jun 2012