Gus (alternate title: Expecting) Review

Gus is a movie which tries very hard, but doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Attempting to be a dramedy about dysfunctional friends going through a stressful period
By Daniel Rom on 16 Nov 2014

Justice League War Review

DC shows us that they do not intend to drop the ball when it comes to top quality animation. Justice League War presents its viewers with a new origin, one
By Byron Hendricks on 23 Jan 2014

Penthouse North Review

When any actor is tasked to play a person with a disability they know it is going to be the toughest gig of their lives. To ignore natural instincts and
By Sarah Xena Lee on 09 Jan 2014

Tomorrow You’re Gone Review

It’s amazing how in the world of movie making, you can gather together all the aspects that should seem like they would print money when brought together, and then have
By Daniel Rom on 09 Jul 2013