Jason Bourne – Movie Review

The Bourne trilogy is one of the most successful and well-received movie franchises of all time. Its gritty portrayal of an amnesiac super-spy and his attempts to solve the mysteries
By Hayley Mackay on 30 Jul 2016

Interstellar Review

Pure poetry. A mix of philosophy, astrophysics, existentialism, ethics and a running reference to Dylan Thomas’s words: “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying
By Guest on 07 Nov 2014

Behind the Candelabra Review

As the father of the bling-bling culture, any movie based on the life of Liberace has to be decorated in his very own style of ‘palatial kitsch’. As a performer
By Sarah Xena Lee on 06 Jan 2014

Promised Land Review

Promised Land is a story written by its stars – Matt Damon and John Krasinksi. The modern tale revolves around two sales agents (Damon and McDormand) who enter a small
By Kyle St John Peters on 04 Nov 2013

Elysium Review

Elysium is the second film from visionary director Neill Blomkamp. After District 9’s success, both critically and financially, it is to be Blomkamp’s trial by fire. Not as daring as
By Guest on 20 Aug 2013