Lone Survivor Review

Lone Survivor revolves around the true story of a small squad of US Navy Seals deployed onto a hillside in Afghanistan in 2005. In the village below is a key
By Kyle St John Peters on 27 Oct 2014

Broken City Review

Set in New York City at a time when elections govern everything, Broken City is loaded with schemes, tactics and promises that create a thick fog around justice, reasoning and
By Sarah Xena Lee on 05 Dec 2013

2 Guns Review

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg team up to bring us an action comedy that’s reminiscent of the classic 90s’ buddy cop films that we have come to love. It’s old
By Guest on 10 Sep 2013

Pain & Gain Review

Director Michael Bay, who has become synonymous with loud, over-budget blockbusters, tries his hand at making a “small” budget passion project ($25 million), but manages to fill it with the
By Jarrod Saunders on 21 Aug 2013


Seth MacFarlane is one of Hollywood’s hottest commodities in the world of comedy at the moment. He has three concurrently running animated comedy shows: Family Guy; American Dad and the
By Daniel Rom on 19 Dec 2012