Star Trek Beyond – Movie Review

Justin Lin (the Fast and the Furious director) has fun taking the third film in the rebooted series where it has boldly gone before. However, Star Trek has never felt
By Jarrod Saunders on 24 Aug 2016

The Loft – Movie Review

Plausibility isn’t high on the list of priorities for The Loft, a sleek and sleazy locked-room erotic thriller that suffers from too much mystery and too many story complications. Those
By Jarrod Saunders on 16 May 2016

Walking with Dinosaurs Review

It can either be a good or bad thing when you struggle to find the words to describe a film you have just seen. Unfortunately for Walking with Dinosaurs, speechless
By Tshego Motiang on 05 May 2014

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

The last four years have been a long wait for the follow-up to the hugely successful and critically acclaimed JJ Abrams Star Trek prequel/reboot. Thankfully, Star Trek Into Darkness is
By Kyle St John Peters on 09 Jun 2013

Dredd 3D

The notoriously poor 1995 interpretation of Judge Dredd, featuring Sylvester Stallone, left a bitter taste for many comic book fans. The basic aim of Dredd 3D is simple; deliver a
By Jarrod Saunders on 30 Sep 2012