Non-Stop: Review

Non-Stop sees Liam Neeson back in familiar territory as Air Marshall Bill Marks. From the set-up, we gather that he’s hit some hard times and the last thing he probably
By Kyle St John Peters on 27 Nov 2014

Don Jon Review

Don Jon is the surprisingly heartwarming and funny take on modern pick-up, club, young person, Jersey Shore-style culture. With perfectly nailed performances by its leads, and a surprisingly adept hand
By Daniel Rom on 25 Jun 2014

What Maisie Knew Review

When you read the blurb and it states “this is a movie about a child going through a divorce” it’s an immediate turn off. Unless you are actually curious, or
By Sarah Xena Lee on 22 May 2014

The English Teacher Review

There is a quote from David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas that says “it’s true, reading too many novels makes you go blind.” Those of us who are book worms would throw
By Sarah Xena Lee on 19 Mar 2014