Bridget Jones’s Baby – Movie Review

Sadly, the much-awaited third film in the franchise and a sequel to 2004 film The Edge of Reason, Bridget Jones’s Baby, sees Bridget losing her wobbly bits and her sense
By Chelsey Walsh on 13 Sep 2016

Filth Reivew

Sex, drugs, excessive smoking and alcohol – actually a vulgar amount of each. A self-indulgent destructive lifestyle synonymous with all things rock n roll, except this is the life of
By Christine Tesco on 18 Nov 2014

Closed Circuit Review

Closed Circuit is a movie that feels quite boring at the time, and which raises itself to slightly acceptable sometime after viewing. It feels very much like a movie that
By Daniel Rom on 25 Mar 2014

Cloud Atlas

I’ll admit it’s exciting to watch great filmmakers like Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer take on a film so epic it borders on the impossible. But it’s bitterly
By Jarrod Saunders on 06 Nov 2012

The Iron Lady

I have a problem with the praise and plaudits actors continually receive for playing real people – that being people who actually exist (or existed) as Meryl Streep does in
By Claudia Hauter on 01 Aug 2012