Annie Review

Annie keeps the “American Dream” alive, with her singing and dancing, bright smiles and precocious charm, in this 21st century reboot. 1982, 1999 and now 2015 has brought us a
By Guest on 23 Jan 2015

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review

Spider-man will he be fighting too many villains again? From the minute they announced the amount of villains in this sequel many fans got flashbacks of Spider-Man 3. Make no
By Byron Hendricks on 17 Apr 2014

Rio 2: Review

When we were taken on a journey to Rio back in 2011 to witness the coupling of what was believed to be the last two blue macaws in the world
By Tshego Motiang on 11 Apr 2014

White House Down Review

Spoiler alert! You’ve already seen this movie. If you missed Olympus has Fallen, however, Emmerich brings you its younger cousin, White House Down, accompanied by all the burning explosion fun
By Christine Tesco on 28 Jun 2013

Django Unchained Review

Self-confessed film lover Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to controversy, but his latest work, homage mashup Django Unchained, seems to have escalated into one of the most contentious films of
By Jarrod Saunders on 12 Jan 2013