The Arrival – Movie Review

At face value, The Arrival could easily look like your average Close Encounters alien-contact imitation. However, it borders more on Christopher Nolan territory, following the patterns of Inception and Interstellar,
By Jarrod Saunders on 16 Nov 2016

Southpaw Review

Southpaw was apparently originally conceived as starring Eminem in its main role, and I almost wished I lived in a world where that had happened. Not that Gyllenhall isn’t good,
By Daniel Rom on 14 Dec 2015

The Butler Review

You hear nothing. You see nothing. You only serve. After serving eight American presidents over a period of three decades you can believe that any server in the Whitehouse has
By Sarah Xena Lee on 11 Mar 2014

The Last Stand Review

“Retirement” in the world of celebrity seems to be tossed around rather loosely nowadays. It seems like every other day another famous rapper or veteran actor announces their retirement, leaving
By Daniel Rom on 08 Oct 2013


I hate this movie. This is the type of straight-to-DVD trash that incinerators and DVD-shredders are made for. What’s that? There are no such things as DVD-shredders? That’s it, I’m
By Kyle St John Peters on 17 May 2013

Catch .44

A lot can be said about how bad this drug tale is, but in keeping things succinct I will only raise a few problems. The most obvious accusation is that
By Neilan Adams on 18 Feb 2013