Barefoot Review

Jay Wheeler (Scott Speedman) is mopping floors at a psychiatric hospital as part of his probation sentence. Struggling to pay his debts, he is constantly looking over his shoulder. His
By Christine Tesco on 18 Jun 2015

The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman Review

A mashup of cliché’s tagged with unnecessary nonsense: There’s more to love than living. Uhm? Charlie Countryman (Shia LaBeouf) leaves Chicago after a vision of his mother appears to him
By Christine Tesco on 17 Dec 2014

The Ides of March Review

Political journalist Theodore H. White once wrote, “With the end of the nominating process, American politics leaves logic behind.” This is precisely the theme that dwells deep within Ides of
By Jarrod Saunders on 07 May 2012