The Butler Review

You hear nothing. You see nothing. You only serve. After serving eight American presidents over a period of three decades you can believe that any server in the Whitehouse has
By Sarah Xena Lee on 11 Mar 2014

Absolute Deception Review

When the credits roll on this awful movie you will feel like you have been watching a very long-winded episode of a low-low budget C class (just invented) series. Considering
By Sarah Xena Lee on 05 Feb 2014

Red Tails Review

Red Tails (based on true events) follows a company of fighter pilots and their ground support during World War 2. The catch? All of members are African American. It sounds
By Graham van der Made on 19 Sep 2013

What Love Is

From the beginning this movie disappoints with a misleading title. You won’t find a mature rumination on the nature of love but rather a relentless diatribe against men and women
By Guest on 15 Jan 2013