Cars 3 Review – Fun But Not Memorable

Lightning McQueen is having trouble remaining the defending champion in a racing industry where technology is catching up to the “old guard”. Will the Rust-eze crew be able to keep
By Zach Groenewald on 13 Jun 2017

Woodlawn – Movie Review

The Erwin Brothers’ inspiring faith-based indie film combines previous football hits like “Remember the Titans”, “Facing the Giants” and “Rudy” to tell the true sports story of the 1973 Woodlawn
By Jarrod Saunders on 02 Dec 2016

Disney’s Moana – Movie Review

If there is one thing Disney is good at, it’s producing movies that capture your attention from beginning to end while ensuring you’re emotionally engaged and well entertained in the
By Tshego Motiang on 29 Nov 2016

Queen Of The Desert – Movie Review

Queen Of The Desert is a, dare I say it, questionably dull take on a celebrated woman. Gertrude Bell (Nicole Kidman) was a fierce intellectual who felt stifled by her
By Christine Tesco on 09 Nov 2016