Deadpool Review

Brash, rude, violent and crude… Deadpool has finally made his cinematic debut! Crime’s the disease, meet the cure. Okay, not the cure, but more like a topical ointment to reduce
By Byron Hendricks on 08 Feb 2016

Stretch Review

Stretch writer and director Joe Carnahan seems to be developing a consistent theme in his films: masculinity and the fight to become the alpha male. His previous work includes films
By Meagan Taylor on 21 Jan 2016

Addicted Review

Addicted is an adaptation from a novel by bestselling erotica novelist Zane. Director Billy Woodruff definitely picked the best-looking cast for the film but, unfortunately, the film falls flat when
By Meagan Taylor on 31 Aug 2015

Nurse 3D – Movie Review

There are times when I have to wonder how a select few movies are made. I don’t mean the actual filming process, but how they are greenlit in the first
By Graham van der Made on 09 Apr 2015

Aftershock Review

Disaster movies are nothing new. Their general subject matter includes tsunamis, freak storms, earth quakes, republicans, and so forth. Aftershock is an earth quake disaster movie focusing more on its
By Graham van der Made on 06 Oct 2014

Bone Boys Review

What can be said about Bone Boys? It’s a modern take on the cannibalism and shock-horror sub-genres of horror and it just doesn’t pan out as expected. In the second
By Graham van der Made on 26 Aug 2014

Don Jon Review

Don Jon is the surprisingly heartwarming and funny take on modern pick-up, club, young person, Jersey Shore-style culture. With perfectly nailed performances by its leads, and a surprisingly adept hand
By Daniel Rom on 25 Jun 2014

Chained Review

‘Chained’ stars Vincent D’Onofrio as Bob, a psychotic taxi driver who preys on females. Bob crosses paths with Sarah (Julia Ormond) and her son Tim when the mother and child
By Neilan Adams on 05 Mar 2014

Killer Joe Review

When low life Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch) gets kicked out of his mother’s house after yet another violent encounter, he looks for refuge at his father’s trailer in a manic
By Christine Tesco on 02 Dec 2013

I Spit on Your Grave Review

I find I Spit on Your Grave to a puzzling and troublesome movie. While I’m rooting for the main character Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler), I also don’t want to see
By Graham van der Made on 01 Nov 2013

Piranha 3DD

Double the action. Double the terror. Double the D’s. This is what the DVD box proclaims proudly under the title of Piranha 3DD; right under a gratuitous display of quivering
By Daniel Rom on 22 Feb 2013