Hell Or High Water – Movie Review

From the writer of Sicario, Hell Or High Water is a gritty heist drama starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster as high-low brothers and Jeff Bridges as the wise-cracking Texas
By Jarrod Saunders on 03 Dec 2016

Irrational Man – Movie Review

Woody Allen is making films at an alarmingly fast rate in his old age. Following on from Magic In The Moonlight, Irrational Man is set in the same wacky, incessantly
By Edward Wallace on 19 Oct 2016

Miss Meadows Review

Miss Meadows is an odd beast, with a few high-concepts that make it appear like it’s trying too hard. It doesn’t really have the follow through from the writing or
By Daniel Rom on 06 Jun 2016

Return to Sender – Movie Review

Revenge is a dish served bland in the empowering and tolerable thriller Return to Sender, a morsel of violence and a few unexpected twists. Fresh off her breakthrough role in
By Jarrod Saunders on 25 May 2016

Byzantium – Movie Review

In a world with so many vampire movies, we can feel free to pick and choose, so there’s really no excuse for shoddy work or repetitive themes. Byzantium, a lower
By Daniel Rom on 27 Apr 2016

American Ultra Review

Let me be honest – I quite liked American Ultra, despite being fully aware that on a technical level it’s probably not a very good movie. I just happen to
By Daniel Rom on 07 Mar 2016

Laggies Review

‘Laggies’ is an inimitable romantic comedy about Megan (Keira Knightley), an aimless 28-year old that refuses to grow up in every single area of her life. Megan has a degree
By Meagan Taylor on 20 May 2015

Focus Review

Con-artist; short for Confidence Artist. There is no better actor for cool, collected, charming and confident than The Fresh Prince himself. Grifting is the art of the con-artist. This time
By Guest on 09 Mar 2015

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Review

‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ stars Casey Affleck as Texan outlaw, Bob Muldoon. Bob’s wife Ruth (Rooney Mara) is his partner in crime. Together they end up on the wrong side
By Neilan Adams on 08 Dec 2014

Gone Girl Review

“I’ve seen Batman’s penis” seems a fitting introduction to a review of David Fincher’s tenth fiendishly crafted thriller, Gone Girl. It’s what we’ve come to expect when we’re in the
By Jarrod Saunders on 03 Oct 2014

Devil’s Pass Review

Devil’s Pass is yet another found-footage movie. Featuring yet another group of college students following the trail of some long-dead mystery. Or is it? The movie’s premise is rather simple
By Graham van der Made on 23 Jul 2014