Kingdom Come Review

Kingdom Come presents viewers with a complex moral premise. The combination of religion and evil make a great setting for this dark, psychological horror. However, its very limiting budget and
By Chelsey Walsh on 29 Sep 2014

The Frozen Ground Review

17 women murdered, 30 women abducted and raped, 461 years plus life, 17 grave sites and the longest search in Alaskan history. It sounds like a crime that could have
By Sarah Xena Lee on 24 Sep 2014

22 Jump Street Review

They’re not 21 anymore. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back! At the end of 21 Jump Street we were left with the hope and potential promise of
By Stacey Petersen on 16 Jun 2014

Rapture Palooza Review

End of day films have always highlighted our morbid fascination over our last days, hoping for a dramatic end or pretending that when the world is dead and covered in
By Sarah Xena Lee on 05 Feb 2014

Prank Review

Who would have expected the horrifically overplayed and boring “found footage genre” to once again be used somewhat well, and in a movie that appears so terribly low budget? Maybe
By Daniel Rom on 08 Jan 2014

The Angel’s Share Review

When Robbie (Paul Brannigan) sees his newborn son Luke, he is overwhelmed by admiration and determination to give him the life he never had. But being regular at the court
By Christine Tesco on 09 Dec 2013