Loitering With Intent Review

Director Adam Rapp is a playwright and hasn’t done much film directing, this is evident in “Loitering With Intent”. The film is a low-budget comedy that follows the story of
By Meagan Taylor on 17 Dec 2015

Kill the Messenger Review

Based on a true story, Jeremy Renner takes on the heroic role of Gary Webb, a superb reporter that is ruined by his leading story, called “Dark Alliance”, concerning the
By Meagan Taylor on 05 Aug 2015

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Review

Ned Benson (Director/Writer) creates a unique view on how trauma can have an impact on a marriage through The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. Benson used two perspectives to retell the
By Meagan Taylor on 05 Aug 2015

The Scribbler Review

The Scribbler is based on a limited release graphic novel, and it definitely shows, although not in a good way. It is a film that sacrifices everything for aesthetic, but
By Daniel Rom on 07 May 2015

Breathe In Review

Breathe In explores themes of passion, chaos and serenity within your typical American Family. It has all the elements to generate a good indie drama, but just doesn’t hit the
By Meagan Taylor on 05 May 2015

The Sacrament: Review

I have a disturbing attraction to movies based off of disturbing real-life events. The Sacrament is one these films, and loosely based on the Jonestown Massacre of 1978. For once
By Graham van der Made on 06 Feb 2015

Healing Review

Lighter and softer than many other prison movies, Healing feels no less realistic for it. Focusing on the supposed rehabilitation that prison is meant to offer, this wonderful film symbolizes
By Daniel Rom on 08 Dec 2014

Plush Review

Research tells me that Plush had a budget of $2 million dollars, and a reported gross of $3080 dollars. My Outcomes Based Education mathematics abilities (I used a calculator) goes
By Daniel Rom on 20 Oct 2014

12-12-12 Review

If you missed the news a while back, 12-12-12 refers to the benefit concert held in New York’s Madison Square Garden for victims of Hurricane Sandy on 12 December 2012.
By Neilan Adams on 11 Oct 2014

Devil’s Knot Review

While it approaches an interesting real-life story that involves many fine elements of drama, including small-town secrets, cultural panic, and the miscarriage of justice, Devil’s Knot exists in an entirely
By Daniel Rom on 08 Oct 2014

The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill Review

In a world of shameless and constant bandwagonning, where any miner originality is immediately scooped up and sold a hundred different ways by every hyena on the street, something like
By Daniel Rom on 02 Sep 2014

My Mother’s Secret

In a world where people in dangerous situations are usually burly and surly monosyllabic men, who fight bad guys and track down the crooks, and women usually appear to be
By Daniel Rom on 25 Aug 2012

Daydream Nation

Caroline (Dennings) moves from the city to a backwater town with her dad. She soon discovers that many of the teens there are uninspiring and perpetually stoned. Using all her
By Neilan Adams on 13 Aug 2012

Daylight Fades

With the renewed surge of interest in vampire films, Daylight Fades tries to elbow its way into the canon, but is fully undeserving to any claim of belonging. Simply enough:
By Claudia Hauter on 12 Jul 2012

Age of Heroes

Saving Private Ryan set the precedent for opening war films with a stirring score and big action set-pieces, but Ages of Heroes cannot justifiably call itself a war film. It
By Claudia Hauter on 10 Jul 2012


While on an excursion to a mental institution, psychology major, Abby Jones (Christine Evangelista) has a terrifying encounter with deranged psychopath, Harmon Porter (Purcell). Later Porter manages to escape and
By Neilan Adams on 03 Jul 2012