A Bigger Splash – Movie Review

Lingering danger is ever present in this promiscuous splash pool. As remake of the 1969 drama La Piscine, A Bigger Splash sticks to the same plot, with a few minor
By Christine Tesco on 02 Dec 2016

Magic Mike XXL Review

Question: how should you as the film industry respond when an unknown, unexpected, unique movie (like Magic Mike) becomes a smash hit? The answer most of the time, it seems,
By Daniel Rom on 12 Jan 2016

Are You Here Review

Are You Here is actually quite a sterling example of how to fail when everything seems set up to create success. The director is known for his work on Mad
By Daniel Rom on 23 Jun 2015

Date and Switch Review

Date and Switch employs the recycled formula used to create most American teenage sex comedies: The journey to losing one’s virginity before prom night. Micheal (Nicholas Braun) and Matty (Hunter
By Meagan Taylor on 03 Mar 2015

Cavemen Review

If you had to put ‘That Awkward Moment and ’10 Things I Hate About You’ into a blender you would get the perfect ‘Caveman’ smoothie. Director, Herschel Faber thought it
By Meagan Taylor on 03 Mar 2015

The To Do List Review

The To Do List was stirred by writer-director, Maggie Carey’s summer teenage memories. The film takes us way-way back down memory lane to 1993 and is set in Boise, Idaho.
By Meagan Taylor on 26 Aug 2014

Nobody Walks Review

Some movies are emotionally complex. This movie is just a glorified soap opera. 23-year-old Martine (Olivia Thirlby) moves into sound engineer Peter (John Krasinski) and his wife Julie’s (Rosemarie DeWitt)
By Sarah Xena Lee on 22 May 2014