Age Restriction:
Studio: New Line Cinema, Wayne Rice Films, Karz Entertainment
Running Time: 118 minutes

Verdict: 3 / 5

If you like overly sentimental and soppy movies then this one is for you. Though the movie sports an amazing cast the problem is that there are way too many stories that barely thread together. Within it lies the making of several romcoms and a drama or two but all of that is lost in this never-ending journey of sop. The dramatic moments don’t have enough of a build-up to really grab you, sink in or change your life and there is not enough wit to make it truly funny. It’s like the movie that wanted to be a horror but ended up being a comedy.

New Years Eve

The biggest problem with New Year’s Eve is that it relies entirely on the fact that it is filled with stars and yet it doesn’t really do anything with them. If you just want a movie to wash over you in a mind-numbing way then this is for you. It is as if some producer thought, hey.. if we just throw together all of these people then we’ll have all of their fans at the box office and then we’ll be sure to have a hit. But if you actually expect a plot, engagement and depth then I would steer clear of this one. The actors definitely put their all into their bit of showtime but there simply is not enough time for you to really care about the plight of any of them.

New Years Eve

The movie does have it’s moments but then again it would have been a truly epic failure if they couldn’t even manage that much with the amazing cast they had to work with. They probably tried doing too much and ended up doing not really much of anything at all. Whilst watching the movie I constantly though about 100 cigarettes, which (though it wasn’t a 5 star movie either) managed to push the envelope a little further than this one did. Let’s just say that at the time it was released it was a novel little movie exploring some new territory where this one feels like it should have been called Valentine’s Day 2: New Year’s Eve.

Now, while the movie isn’t going to win any Oscars it certainly managed to amuse and entertain enough to keep me awake during the 2 hours – I suppose that’s the benefit of sporting a star-studded cast. And if you think 2 hours is a bit much I have to point out that they couldn’t do with less than the runtime if the movie were to make any sense at all. Watch it if you like but don’t expect it to be a life changing experience. Unless you have estrogen in your veins and a proclivity towards chick flicks I would steer away from this one.

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