Age Restriction:
Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Running Time: 108 mins

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Could it be? Could the prophecies really have come to pass? Legends spoke of a day when mainstream media that has video games featured in them would manage to surpass the vaguest general notions about video games, like “points” and “lives” and actually include relevant and subtle humor for fans. Wreck-It Ralph is such a messiah for us all. And is actually quite a fun movie.

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Ralph (Reilly) is the villain of a timeless arcade game called Fix-It Felix Jr. Every day Ralph is defeated by Felix, who receives all the adoration of the other videogame inhabitants, while Ralph is left in the mud below. Ralph attends support meetings with other videogame villains, who all have to deal with such concerns. This meeting is actually one of the best scenes in the movie, including Bowser, Zangief, a zombie, Satan, and more. From there, Ralph resolves to become a hero, and first finds himself in the space marine game “Hero’s Duty,” a spot-on parody of Halo and Call of Duty style games. From there, he travels to the ultra-saccharine candy world of Sugar Rush, where he finds himself involved with the cute and spunky Vanellope von Schweetz (Silverman). The story is naturally heartwarming at stages with a predictable happy ending, but includes a few twists along the way that keep things exciting.

10 Fun Facts About Wreck-It Ralph - 02

What’s great about the video game aspects of the movie is how they include actual series, like Mario and Sonic, and place them against the fictional ones in ways that show the creators understand classic videogames. There are also countless little Easter eggs for clued-up viewers; like graffiti reading “Aeris Lives!” on the background of a wall in certain scenes.

The characters are likable, the jokes are funny, the story is engaging and the video game jokes are well made and plentiful. Theres something here for old and young alike, especially for those of us who have grown up with video games. Worth checking out; but be advised that 3D adds nothing and you should just watch it in normal resolution. Save some money, buy a bigger popcorn.

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