Age Restriction:
Studio: Dark Forest Pictures, Wrath Movie Productions
Running Time: 96 mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

One of the hardest things to convey in a retelling to someone is tone. You can tell someone about how tense and frightening it was, but they will never feel that visceral sensation in the body from actually being involved. Therefore, when I describe Wrath here, let it be known that it does have a very good tense, thriller-ish tone that serves it well, and makes it viewable slightly at least once. Right. Now I can get to complaining about it, which is infinitely more fun.

wrath movie review

A group of friends, young, innocent, multi-ethnic and with a nice arrangement of girls and boys, including Lead Female (Dawsen) stop to assist a hitch-hiker, who turns out to be a Scary Killer Man (Fernandez). He immediately sets to work ridding the world of a few more young people, along the way there are plenty twists and turns to keep the viewer supposedly engaged.

The Scary Killer Man is suitable scary, and is performed well. Lead Female is suitably plucky, sweet and strong, and not especially loose with men (those ones always die first). This film is an Australian production, and I actually found it quite enjoyable to see young people from a country other than America get dealt with. Especially when it can make me feel better about any sports result. We may lose at cricket, but at least our fictional teenagers aren’t being killed by a fictional scary man.

Wrath may be worth watching once, with friends, for both the scary and the unintentionally humorous parts, and like I said, it does have a decent tone throughout that can keep you entertained. Also, do not be tricked like I was into thinking the film had cowboys in it. The DVD cover looks like it does, and it lied to me and made me very sad. The cowboys never came.

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