Age Restriction:
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment, Dune Entertainment
Running Time: 126 mins

Verdict: 4 / 5

The past

During one of his many, many world travels, The Wolverine ends up in Japan just as the Atom Bomb is being dropped onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During this US invasion, Wolverine saves a young Japanese soldier from certain death – earning his respect and a promise that the debt will be repaid one day.

the-wolverine film review

The present

Despondent and over his immortality and grieving for Jean Grey, Wolverine decides he is done with the hunt. He continues to travel, encountering other hunters who get on his bad side very quickly – little does he know that he’s being watched by a very spunky Japanese punk chick (Yukio), whose grandfather is very ill and wishes to see Wolverine – after all, it was because of Wolverine that he was able to have children and grandchildren. It was he who Wolverine had saved those many decades ago, and he wishes to say goodbye before the Leukemia from the Atom Bomb claims him.

Throughout the film, Wolverine is haunted by images and dreams of Jean Grey (Phoenix) who he killed during The Last Stand. She plagues his thoughts and this makes him lament his eternal life and he begins to consider ways to end to achieve mortality. Upon visiting the man he saved in Japan, he encounters a lady Doctor who has a few tricks of her own on how to end his immortal life.


The Wolverine is a treat for many different types of movie goers, from action junkies to comic book fans and especially those with an appreciation of well-choreographed fight scenes – it’s got the whole package. What’s more, it maintains a very similar storyline to the original comic book tale of Wolverine meeting and falling in love with Mariko – A Japanese heiress whose father has promised her to a terrible and corrupt politician. In an attempt to curb his own temper and win over Mariko’s heart, Wolverine must battle the Viper (along with her mysterious and hidden partner) along with a team of highly-trained assassins before a secret weapon can be unleashed.

the-wolverine-movie review

What to look out for…

When you’re in a Marvel comic book movie, always stay until after the credits, because this is when they introduce the next movie in the genre. This time, Wolverine is making his way through an airport trying to get through the sensors – tricky since he has bones of adamantium – when the metal around him starts moving. Yes, you guessed it – Magneto enters with a dire warning about a man named Trask and a plan to change the future of mutant kind as well. We also see Charles Xavier (Professor X) wheel in to tell Wolverine that they need his help. Exciting times for May 2014 and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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