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Studio: Movie Venture 5, Zed Filmworks
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Verdict: 1.5 / 5

The Wife He Met Online wears its’ made for TV status proudly with three central roles played by soapie actors. The plot itself seems to play out like a like running b-plot on some toothless show. All round great guy Bryant meets a woman, Georgia, online and hit if off madly. A montage of video chats and dates later they are set to be married. However; cracks begin to appear almost immediately and Georgia might not be the most stable person. Her paranoia and delusions send her on downward spiral making her a danger to herself and everyone around her.

The Wife He Met Online film review

The fact that Georgia is unstable is no mystery as practically one of the opening scenes of the film is a flashback where she is trying to set her ex-boyfriends flat on fire. With no mystery to guess at we are left at watching Georgia self-destruct. She almost has no agency in her actions and is helpless in her psychosis. Its’ a wonder she was ever allowed to integrate into society. Her one-note uncomplicated portrayal is typical of everyone in the movie; but no one is so bad that it is noticeable.

The Wife He Met Online

Bryant’s ex-wife is the first to notice that something is a little off with Georgia. She embarks on a quest to uncover her past. Meanwhile Georgia is becoming concerned about how close Bryant is to one of his co-workers and decides to put a stop to it by any means necessary. Throughout all this Bryant remains blissfully unaware. Somehow Georgia has managed to come across as completely normal to him despite radiating insanity to anyone else that comes into contact with her.

The story gently meanders around with having few high points. The conclusion to the movie is similarly toothless. It’s hard to really criticise a movie that takes such few risks and so steadily aims at the TV market. It’s certainly not worth seeking out but it is easily the kind of thing you might find yourself watching for half an hour as you flick through the channels.

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