Age Restriction:
Studio: Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, FilmDistrict, Lakeshore Entertainment
Running Time: 95 mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

Total calamity; a comedy of disasters; awkward and hilarious but elegant as Elizabeth Banks can be.


A small time news-anchor Meghan (Elizabeth Banks) has paid her dues and endured the boring, simplistic and mediocre life of a local news station, and faces an opportunity at a network gig. After hearing that she fails to impress she goes on a night of partying with the ladies, where she meets Tall Dark And Handsome (James Marsden). One very unfortunate circumstance after another leads her to the brink of serious trouble, ironic infamy and utter madness.

The opening credits are short clips of news reporter fails, like those that go viral on the interwebs; an introduction to the films silliness based on pure bad luck. At moments one feels like this may just be a female edition of the Anchorman series and at any moment Will might pop up and sing a cappella, however it’s not really about her news room, it’s about her endurance of one disaster after the next, but you do see Elizabeth sing.

One often steps back and wonders, “Is this possible?” And a little voice in your head replies “Absolutely”. Meghan does very little wrong in her quest but somehow just ends up a victim of Los Angeles locals being unhelpful, prejudice, bureaucratic and generally selfish.

What is the purpose of any film? Two hours of entertainment that keeps you engaged, makes you LOL, makes you feel good inside and maybe even makes you rethink day-to-day life? This film matches those requirements. It is so intense and nerve-wracking, but silly in an Elizabeth Banks kind of goofy yet elegant way. It is perhaps clich√© in the concept and characters, and it does raise ones anxiety levels, but in the end it does hint towards an overruling life-lesson: Don’t judge people on first impressions. It may not be a box-office hit, but it’s a cute, fun, feel-good joy-ride of calamity after calamity.

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